Patch Needs Your Help

We're launching a slew of new features next week. Wednesday is now 'Mom's Day' and Thursday will bring a spotlight on whiz kids and places to eat that you might not have tried. But we need your help on 5 things.

Patch is looking for the five following things and people!

So email me, judy.mottl@patch.com, if you can help out.

  1. Snow Pictures:  We want shots of kids making snow angels, residents clearing driveways, snowmen creations.
  2. We need Moms to help us with “Wednesday is Mom Day” at Patch. You’ll be part of a council that engages discussion around the many issues and topics Moms are focused on these days. You’ll get a gift certificate to a local village store for participating and all we need is about an hour of your time each month. The council work includes providing your advice and insight on one topic each week and then participating on an online forum for an hour on Wednesdays. There are extra goodies we’ll surprise you with for your help as well!
  3.  Do you know a ‘whiz’ kid? A teenager who helps out on a community service effort and deserves recognition? A local kid who is excelling in a sport outside of the school programs? Tell us in a short write-up about them and we’ll profile them in our weekly ‘Whiz Kid’ feature every Thursday.
  4. Is there something you want to know how to do better? We’re looking for idea for our weekly ‘How To’ feature where we interview a local resident expert and provide their insight to readers so let us know what skill or tip you need.
  5. Share your favorite village restaurant and dish with us for an upcoming ‘Get Out to Eat this Weekend’ feature starting next week.



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