Sharing a Love for All Things Angel

Local village storefront is home to unique discussion group focused on angels.

Are you harboring a secret belief in angels, or a passion for anything angel related?

If so there is now a local support group of sorts providing a place to share, talk and explore what angels represent and people’s beliefs in angels.

As KerryAnn Kelly explains, that’s the focus behind a new discussion group called “Calling All Angels” that she’s formed and holds at Thistle and That in Babylon Village.

The goal is letting people share thoughts and resources. Thistle and That, a new antique-type shop on East Main, boasts a fair amount of angel-related items and makes for a perfect spot, Kelly said. She's also good friends with owner Jill McNally.

The 53-year-old Lindenhurst resident is a copper salesman and also works as an addiction counselor.

Kelly first got hooked on angels after reading the Guardian Angel pray as a young girl.

“I loved the idea of a special someone especially interested in helping me,” Kelly said.

“As an adult, when I needed help and felt I had nowhere to turn and things worked out after saying a prayer, I knew there could be no coincidence involved, that it had to be an act of the divine. In my mind, I saw a beautiful, smiling Angel protecting me and therefore felt safe,” she recalled.

Kelly decided to organize the angel discussion after seeing how Thistle and That was proving so popular given the many angel items.

“After seeing such a positive response to her angel store, the idea simply popped into my head to run a group,” she said.

Her own belief in angels stems from real-life incidents in which she believes happened because of angels looking out for her.

“I believe that most of my angels are people who have helped me here on earth. They appear with a solution after I pray to God for help, seemingly out of nowhere and just in the nick of time. I have hundreds of examples of this truth in my life,” Kelly said.

“I believe we each have at least one angel and I am learning that there are specific angels that help with specific things,” she added.

The first “Calling All Angels” group discussion was held last Sunday and the 10 seating slots went fast, just within a few days of posting a notice.

“The group is mostly women so far, and the main topic is sharing Angel stories, experiences and ideas about angels. It is more an idea exchange than a study of angels in a very informal, comfortable and relaxed setting,” Kelly said.

This Sunday will be the second get together and takes place at 4 p.m. Seating capacity is again limited to 10 given the store’s space. The cost is $10 and proceeds are going to Kelly’s charity called “Life is a Gift” open it!. She hopes to one day open a shop and café offering a spiritual setting and retail store for people in recovery.

”And yes," Kelly said, "I need an angel to make it come true."

For more information email Kelly at Mskelly351@aol.com or call 516-459-9412.


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