The Laws of Health

There are certain requirements for a healthy mind and body. The basics are air and water and good nutrition. But good nerve flow is one many people may not think about.

There are several universal laws that we all must exist within and violating those laws is not without consequences.  One such law is gravity.  If you jump off a building without a parachute, no matter how positive you are that gravity won’t work, you will most certainly look like a pancake upon impact. 

There are universal laws when it comes to health as well, the problem is most of us choose to ignore them, bend them or outright violate them and rely much too much on the after effects instead of the cause. 

Here is a list of some of the laws or rules of life and health:

  1. Oxygen and fresh air must be taken in and carbon dioxide must be exhaled. Breathing is not an option:  We must have proper levels of oxygen in our bodies and we must breathe deeply and slowly to fully maximize our oxygen need.  If we breathe high in the chest and too rapidly it reduces oxygen absorption and causes us to breathe with more effort and less results.  We can only live without breathing about 2-3 minutes though some with incredible lung capacity might make it 4 minutes, regardless we need air!  It must be clean and pollution free ( not likely at this moment).  Lack of oxygen over a long period of time will force the body to adapt in ways that might effect health.  Some examples would be an enlarged heart, fatigue, headaches, lung infections etc..  These are signs that one of the laws of life is either being broken or bent.
  2. We need fresh clean water in the right amount everyday.  We can only survive about three days without water.  The hotter and dryer the climate the quicker and more abundant our need becomes.  Try going for an hour after vigorous activity on a 95 degree day and don’t drink, your body will send you all kinds of messages and signals of its obvious distress.  Long term mild dehydration can lead to mental fatigue, physical fatigue, poor brain response, weakness, blood pressure irregularities, and headache to name a few.  The quality of the water whether it is filtered or from a bottle or even from a tap can be a question or safety and health for us.  Bottled water for the most part is not as good as filtered or tap water due to less stringent rules on bottled water (plus it is much more expensive).  The volume of water needed daily is calculated by taking your body weight in pounds and changing the pounds label to ounces and dividing that number in half. (Eg. If you weight 200 lbs. then it would be 200 ounces divided in half which is 100 ounces of water per day.)
  3. We must have proper nourishment to provide the body with energy and more importantly the correct raw materials to repair and rebuild our tissues and cells everyday.  We can eat but if it is made of preservatives genetically altered food, too much dairy, caged and mistreated animals that are pumped full of drugs, our body will respond in ways that make us very uncomfortable and distressed.  We need nutritional healthy food from live sources such as fruits and vegetables (preferably organic) free of pesticides and chemicals so that we rebuild ourselves with healthy sources not chemicals and drugs injected into our food sources.  If we don’t get healthy nutrients our body will respond in ways such as having fatigue, digestive distress (acid reflux, diarrhea, nausea, bloating, constipation) to name a few.  We can only survive without food for about 1-2 weeks and then our body starts to eat itself and destroy its own tissue for survival.
  4. Proper, unimpeded nerve flow.  This is an irrefutable yet overlooked necessity of life.  If you were to severe the nerve controlling your lungs you would cease to breathe, yet it is something we take for granted.  Without nerve flow our tissues and organs cease to act together in a coordinated manner to let our body adapt to the world around.  If there is irritation or interference to our nervous system (much like a poor or dropped signal on our cell phone) then the body systems and organs cannot perform perfectly together in harmony.  This results in a less than healthy state.  If it is severe enough or lasts long enough we maybe lucky enough to feel it, yes I said lucky enough because many people have this issue for years and don’t feel it.  You can go merrily along not knowing your body is malfunctioning because it is great at adapting.  One of the major causes of nerve interference is spinal misalignments that cause nerve interference called vertebral subluxations.  This can result in brain fog, headaches, stomach trouble, asthma, ear infections, frequent colds, poor immune response, decreased ability to adapt to stress, neck pain, back pain, sciatica, vertigo… just to name a few.  We need proper nerve flow because the brain controls the body organs and systems through the nerves.  If the spinal bones are pulled out of place this can cause nerve interference and interference to your health. 
jamieflores234 April 23, 2011 at 05:28 AM
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