The Many Things To Do in Our Hometown

Fourth grader Catie Hernandez offers up just a few of the fun things she and her friends like to do in the village.

To most kids, the town of Babylon is a very boring place.

But most kids don’t realize there are fun places to spend your time. In Babylon we have places that can fit almost everyone’s personality.

If you’re the most flexible kid in your grade you should try Positions Dance Studio. If your favorite food is pizza (which is basically everyone’s favorite) I would recommend Mulberry Street Pizza. They have great pizza. And right next door there is Sweet Sensations Ice Cream Store which has every flavor you can imagine!

And if your favorite thing to do in your spare time is play basketball we have a court on Park Avenue with your name on it.

So if you’re the new kid on the block you should try one of these places.

Did Catie miss one of your favorite places to play or visit in the village? Let us know by commenting below.


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