Wanted: Village Bloggers

Been blogging on your own? Or looking for a place to be a star blogger? Well Patch wants you to be part of its upcoming blogger community.

Patch is looking for local residents who want to blog – and bloggers who want a place to voice their opinions, express their ideas and comment on what’s happening around Babylon Village.

Blogs are often described as online diary entries. They’re not news stories, or columns. They can range in length from a few paragraphs to 300 to 400 words. The focus is on giving insight and sharing viewpoints or a passion.

For example, a mom juggling with work and a family can blog about the challenges she’s facing, the solutions she’s developed, and share resources she has discovered online and offline.

Sports enthusiasts who follow one or all of Babylon’s sports teams can blog on how teams are doing, game insights, the upcoming match of the week.

Local business owners with a passion for a particular hobby or who want to share their own knowledge of a industry can offer up opinions and get feedback on particular issues.

Most bloggers tend to blog regularly, whether once a week, several times a week or daily. As a blog is more of a conversation and interaction tool than the typical news story bloggers can even blog several times a day.

Patch welcomes whichever approach a blogger wants to take. Our focus is becoming the online community place where residents share, discuss, debate and help.

We’ll be launching the blog forum in a few weeks. So if you’re interested, just send me a note by emailing judy.mottl@patch.com.




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