Watch & View: 32nd Paumanauke Pow-Wow Video, Photo Highlights

Reps from at least 13 tribes gather to share culture in ancient tradition at Babylon Town Hall in Lindenhurst.

Representatives from at least thirteen Native American tribes gathered outside Babylon Town Hall this past weekend to take part in the .

There were numerous demonstrations of Native American dances, traditional Native American food and vendor booths lined the Town pond.

The Pow Wow event is an ancient tradition for Native Americans, and is an opportunity for local residents to learn more about Native American Culture that's been happening here for the past 32 years - thanks to the Paumanauke Pow Wow Committee, the Babylon Citizens Council on the Arts () and the Town of Babylon.

Check out the video and photo of the at Town in Lindenhurst, and feel free to your own photos and videos by clicking the upload button.


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