What's Your Plan to Improve the Railroad Business District?

Patch wants to hear from village residents and storeowners on various issues and is launching a weekly forum to ignite discussion and debate.

Beginning this week Babylon Village Patch is launching a “Hot Topic” forum focused on an issue and asking residents and shopkeepers to offer up their insight, opinion and view of the particular topic.

This week’s focus is: What can be done to improve the commercial business area near the railroad station?

Patch will be publishing an article later this week about the vacant storefronts and how current operating businesses are faring.

What Patch wants to know is:  what kinds of businesses and revitalization effort would you suggest be implemented to make the commercial sector as strong and vital as the rest of the village’s business district?

You can post your comment below, or email Patch by writing to judy.mottl@patch.com and tell us your ideas.


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