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WI Taking Donations to 'Make A Soldier Smile'

Goods being accepted at several collection points.

Now through March 4, the West Islip community has established a "Make a Soldier Smile" drive to support local troops fighting overseas. 

There are several collection points setup throughout the hamlet where residents can go and donate one of several sundries:

  • Farrell's Bar & Grill
  • Stop & Shop
  • American Legion Post 1738
  • Boyd-Spencer Funeral Home
  • West Islip Fire Department
  • Sea Levels Restaurant (Brightwaters)

Here's the list of preferred items:

• Baby Wipes - packets are better than tubs
• Beef Jerky/Slim Jims
• Energy Bars (power Bar, etc.)
• Hot Sauce (Tabasco, Red Devil, etc.) - wrap glass bottle in duct tape and place in double zip-lock bags
• Sunflower seeds
• Peanuts
• Seasoning Salt (Lawry's, etc.)
• Atomic Fireballs / Jolly Rancher hard candy (for service member use)
• Smarties or SweetTart candies (for local children who prefer sour style candy to build relationships with community)
• Powdered Energy/Electrolyte Replacement Drink Mix (Gatorade, etc.)
• Chewing Gum
• Avon Skin So Soft - great for removing face paint and also repeated to be an effective bug repellent (the latter seems variable based on personal experience and reports)
• AA-cell Alkaline Batteries
• Personal Hygiene Gear: Disposable Razors, Toothbrush and Tooth Paste
• Eye Wash / Drops (Visine, etc.) for flushing dust and sand out of the eyes
• Zip-Lock style Plastic Storage Bags - assorted sizes, heavier freezer styles are better
• Pre-paid Phone Card so service member can call home
• Socks

Cash donations can be also be made and mailed to:
West Islip Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 58
West Islip, NY 11795


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