Local Photographer Journeys From Polaroids to Digital Pics

We chat with Bridgette Kistinger, who contributes many of her photographs to Babylon Village Patch.

Bridgette Kistinger recently started sharing her images of landscapes, open fields and nature with Patch readers because she says she wanted others to enjoy her view of the beauty she finds in throughout the Town of Babylon.

She fell in love with photography in the days of “instant gratification” of Polaroid pictures. Then Kistinger evolved to shooting 35mm film and ironically gets that same instantaneous impression of the pictures she shoots again with a digital point-and-shoot. She is in the market for a new Digital SLR (any suggestions?)

We held a virtual Q&A by email with Kistinger about her love of photography and her favorite local places to take pictures.

Do you take pictures around Babylon Village? Share them with us here or go to our directory and add them to your local favorite places.

Patch: Are you a professional photographer or just a gifted amateur? What is your background in photography?

Bridgette Kistinger: I fell in love with photography using my very first Polaroid. I was amazed by the “magic” of it all… capturing a moment of happiness and watching it develop before my very own eyes. Then came my first 35mm, while the instant gratification of immediate results from the Polaroid were no longer there, the beauty of the actual photo from the 35mm when developed blew me away.

Buying film and processing photos became costly, so I was very selective in what I shot and printed. Waiting for the photos to develop was always a mixed bag for me… at times I was disappointed with my photos, and other times utterly thrilled with the outcome!

The biggest turning point for me was the digital camera. It became a whole new world of happy, as it was very best of all worlds. I could experiment endlessly, had immediate gratification, and could tell whether I would love the shot or have to redo the shot. That is when I truly fell in love with photography. I am not a professional, however I am an extremely happy and “gifted amateur.” I love seeing the world through my lens.

P: What kind of camera do you use to take photos?

BK: I am currently using an Olympus SP 590-UZ, a “point-and-shoot” camera. While this camera has served me well, I have found that I have outgrown it, and am researching DSLRs. I have narrowed my choices down to two and will be making a purchase shortly.

P: Seems like landscape and nature photography is one of your best types of photographs to take. What is the best place in the Deer Park area where you like to take photos? Where can you find the best scenes?

BK: Nature photography is the most rewarding for me. I love the beauty and mystery of nature and find it fascinating. I also love macro shooting and how wonderfully abstract it can be. Lastly, I enjoy photographing old and classic cars. I find the best places to take photos in Deer Park are in open fields. The football field in the schoolyard at sunset looks amazing bathed in nature’s golden glow. I also love to shoot photos from the overpass of the train station, where I can get an excellent vantage point. I have found myself wandering through Edgewood Preserve off Commack Road, where it’s great for local wildlife, cardinals, blue jays, butterflies, and more. The Deer Park Pool/Playground is another wonderful spot. In spring, the trees are abloom with beautiful flowers, and the leaves in autumn are simply breathtaking.

P: Have you ever submitted photos to Deer Park Patch before?

BK: I just recently began sharing and submitting my photos at the encouragement of family and friends. I choose to share them with Patch readers because they are my community and I want to share with them all the beauty that is around us. I truly believe in the saying, “Beauty is Where you Find It”, and what better place to find beauty than in your own backyard!

Here is a list of some select photos Kistinger has shared with us at Patch:

Go to your local Patch and upload your photos today!


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