Local J. Hilburn Independent Style Consultant

see our 2013 gift guide: www.http://christinagalante.jhilburn.com/
see our 2013 gift guide: www.http://christinagalante.jhilburn.com/
I just started selling a luxury men’s clothing line called J.Hilburn that’s revolutionizing the way men shop, dress, look, and feel!

Featured in the 2012 Forbes List of the Top 100 Most Promising Companies, J.Hilburn is rewriting rules of the retail industry. Not only can we offer you higher quality items at lower prices, we also guarantee an enhanced shopping experience because I sell directly to you. As an Independent Style Consultant I deliver unparalleled customer service by dressing my clients in the world’s finest fabrics with personalized construction at an uncompromising value.

Contact me to set up an appointment: Christina.Galante@jhilburnpartner.com


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