SEPARATION ANXIETY? The Missing Mommy Cure by Midge Leavey

available at www.missingmommycure.com, amazon.com or barnesandnoble.com
available at www.missingmommycure.com, amazon.com or barnesandnoble.com
Latest review from Trista in Louisiana-
I first want to say how much I love your Missing Mommy Cure book.  We got it last week and so far it has worked for my 5 year old girl who currently attends kindergarten and as been crying non-stop every morning before school.  When school first started she was great.  She loved going to school.  But then she started crying in the mornings and saying she missed me.  We tried everything and then I came across your book.  I read it to her Sunday eve and so far so good!  She feels empowered with the magic bracelet on.  So, thank you for writing this book and I'm so glad I found it!  


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