Fundraiser for Babylon Woman Injured in Car Accident

Young woman was injured in an accident in North Babylon earlier this month.

Cerice Caprio. Credit: Helping Cerice fundraiser.
Cerice Caprio. Credit: Helping Cerice fundraiser.
An online fundraiser for a Babylon Village woman hit by a car earlier this month has been started, seeking $20,000 to help her pay for a new prosthetic leg.

Babylon Village resident Cerice Caprio was struck by a vehicle while attempting to cross Deer Park Avenue in North Babylon near the Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant on September 2. The crash left the 32-year-old woman in critical but stable condition.

According to a fundraiser page stated on Giveforward, Caprio sustained multiple life threatening injuries and remains in stable condition.

"We are so lucky to still have her in our lives," Cerice's Friends wrote on the page. "We, her friends and family, would like to make her transition and journey back to everyday life as pleasant as possible."

According to the fundraiser, Caprio does have insurance which is helping pay for what she needs at the moment, but, as the organizers point out, not always the best solutions.

"We would like to raise money for the best Prosthetic Leg ever!" the friends wrote. "Anybody who knows Cerice knows she will be running in no time."

The fundraiser is seeking to raise $20,000 for the young woman. Started less than a week ago, donations have already approached the 10 percent mark with nearly $2,000 raised.

The fundraiser will continue for 70 more days, or until December 1.


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