Deer on Avenue B

Yesterday morning, as I gazed out my front window, something big and grey caught my eye.  I took a second  look and it was a big  buck (male deer) with a big set of antlers crossing in front of my house on Avenue B.  then he walked up my driveway, glided over the fence into my neighbor's yard, walked through his yard and again glided effortlessly over the   fence onto the next block.  I have never seen deer in this populated area.  I wish I could have gotten to my camera in time.  I guess the snow sent him out looking for food in a wider area.  I do believe there is an overpopulation of deer on the island.  But beautiful to see.
John Q. Public January 06, 2014 at 01:00 PM
Deer eat my garden every year - and are a constant threat on the small road - my brother thought I was exaggerating until he witnessed it


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