Meditation for Healthy Living

Dr. Beverly Boyarsky reflects on the importance of meditation in a healthy lifestyle.

It is only within the last decade that our nation has become aware of the importance of proper nutrition and exercise in maintaining a healthy body. Unfortunately, individuals continue to take their mental health and emotional well-being for granted.

There is a large body of scientific evidence now showing that the immune system, previously thought of as the prime internal defense system, actually works closely with both the nervous and endocrine systems to carry out its task. These findings clearly indicate that our mind and our emotions can influence illness.

Each person is his or her own healer, and is responsible for creating both illness and a healthy body. Emotions can boost one’s energy level or deplete it entirely. Too often in our increasingly hectic daily lives, we just do not take the time to slow down and simply be. 

Meditation is a natural way for a person to calm their mind, raise their consciousness and harness the power of positive thinking. It is learning to be in contact and control over oneself.

Though meditation is usually recognized as a largely spiritual practice, it also has many health benefits including:

•Builds self confidence

• Reduces anxiety

• Decreases muscle tension and headaches

• Enhances energy and strength

• Increases concentration and memory

• Enhances the immune system

• Helps lower blood pressure

In certain respects, meditation is no different than physical exercise—both require self-discipline and dedication. However, meditation allows a person to gain a greater understanding of life through knowing who they are.

In the midst of a difficult or negative trend in one’s life, a person must take more time to program their mind with positive thought patterns. Each day, take a few minutes to enter into your own mind for meditation.

Sitting alone in a quiet space will give you some peace and quiet, as well as a time for introspection and self exploration.  These few minutes can guarantee the beginning of a beautiful day.



About this column: Through this column, I look forward to giving you the tools you will need to transform your life and your health. I want to help you renew the joy and passion that life has to offer.


Dr. Beverly Boyarsky, MscD, CCH is a metaphysician, certified consulting hypnotist, psycho-spiritual counselor and ordained minister. Questions or ideas for upcoming articles are welcome. Please email her at drboyarsky@drbeverlyboyarsky.com.






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