Reader Feedback: Gamehut, Sprint Leaves, Boating Regulations

A week full of news led to many comments, especially on our top stories for the week.

Q&A with the Owners of Gamehut Video Games

We spoke with the owners of Babylon Village's this past week, giving readers an inside scoop on everything in the store from tournaments to classic systems. Readers responded in kind about the store with many positive things to say:

Lisa: "Great Store! Inexpensive prices and for the way kids get bored with games, it's nice to be able to trade them in."

Alexander Roman: "Known Felicia my whole life. Good people. I laughed when I read her take on the 3do since she was first introduced to it by way of my system. So glad they are providing an awesome service to the community. The world needs more game huts. :)"

Laura and Layne Mashburn: "Great place for the kids to trade in games when they are done with them and get new ones. They can also try the games out when they buy them! Babylon needed a place like this."

Should Boating Be as Regulated as Driving?

We asked readers their thoughts in a Talk Back poll earlier this week – should boating and driving essentially be the same? The question comes following a boating while intoxicated charge a month ago that killed a local man and the facts that boating regulations are not as stringent as, say, driving a car.

Voters in out poll were relatively split on how to go about regulations, but agreed there should be some kind of rules in place that make it similar to driving a car. 60 percent wanted boating rules to be the same as driving a car although 40 percent said mandated safety courses should be taken. No votes were cast against the idea.

Sprint Premier Store Gone from the Village

We also informed readers this week about the of the on Deer Park Avenue. After serving the village for two years, the store left without a peep or a single notification. The now-abandoned space is boarded up with paper and all Sprint logos cut out from the sign (literally). The haphazard way the business left might of had some effect on readers, who were generally happy the store was gone.

Vincent Santangelo wrote in, "Good riddance!"

Joann Donnelly also exclaimed, "Finally."

Frum September 06, 2012 at 05:56 AM
I have read better writing in high-school newspapers.


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