Talk Back: Thoughts on District's Proposed Lease with Atlantic Auto

Though a formal deal has not been struck, we're curious to know your thoughts on the plan proposed by the Board of Education.

The West Islip Board of Education revealed details regarding a proposal for the district to lease space to Atlantic Auto Mall, in exchange for yearly rent and improvements to various sports fields across the community.

As of right now, the lease would last for 10 years and net the district $12,000 in revenue annually. Local youth sports teams as well as district teams would receive better quality fields, and would significantly increase their playing time on high-quality turf fields.

See the complete details of the proposal and view the presentation here.

In these tough economic times, school districts are faced with mounting costs and diminishing state funding, forcing them to become more creative in seeking sources of revenue.

Though President Steve Gellar said that negotiations are continuing and no formal commitment has been made, we want to know your thoughts on the plan.

Do you think the deal is a smart move for the district? Tell us in the comments.

pam schaefer-sauerland December 22, 2012 at 01:31 PM
Michael I agree with you. I would not like to drive down Udall Road a year from now and look at a massive car parking lot that would bring down the area. Yes, all those cars down in Brentwood I understand are going to need a new home and where are they going to go? You also brought up a good point about the old gas station on the corner of Hunter and Udall Road. Personally I was for the 7-11, the plans showed a nice clean looking building. It was shut down by neighbors for fear of rift raft which I understand. Well, what do you think a large open parking lot is going to bring.
pam schaefer-sauerland December 22, 2012 at 01:32 PM
I don't know if you know but the screens and playground at Masera Learning Center have been vandalized, not to mention the children's Community Outing bus that was also vandalized. The bus cost thousands of dollars to be repaired and delayed the students at Masera to go on their Community Outings, which is part of their curriculum. I just fear that a larger lot will encourage another hang out and trouble. West Islip is not excluded from drug dealing and gang issues, along with no place for our tweens and teenagers to go. I also agree with Kevin and his comment on Pollution. West Islip has lost so many of its residents, young students and adults, through cancer what is all this going to do to our local environment? Yes, we need to grow with the times but in a more healthy and productive manner. What the answer is; well I guess that is where all our ideas and discussions come into play. I would hope that the tragedies we have all gone thorugh in the last two months will assist us in keeping our perspective as to what is important and the right thing to do.
Michael Hunt December 23, 2012 at 03:17 PM
Pam Exactly ! The Atlantic boyzz do not need the parking spaces for their "EMPLOYEES". They need it to stage their new car inventory instead of having to travel all the way to the "HILL" , They will start with 150...Who is going to go everyday and count. Then 200, 300 500... What about all the trailers delivering new cars...The flatbeds etc, The place will turn into a commercial cess pool if this plan is allowed. What a discrace to the fine man who this facility was named after Emil Massara....taught my kids over 35 years ago...sucummed to cancer at an early age...gentleman....pity. Regarding the pig pen on Muncey & Udall Rd. Glad to see that the 7 Eleven didn't fly...I personally filed a complaint to the Town regarding the present appearance of the now "auto repair shop"..Looks like a Third World Country operation Thanks to the Halpin boyzz .The place looks like a dump. Evidently the owners really did not really want to improve the appearance as was stated in their bid for the 7 Eleven...they were prepared to donate $25000 if the 7 Eleven was approved....sounded like a bribe to me, No 7 Eleven , no $25000....same dump ! See balance of this blog on separate blog immediately following
Michael Hunt December 23, 2012 at 03:17 PM
Part 2 I have filed a complaint regarding the appearance of the existing property --- TC1664 ( Violation of original covvenants) on 11/3/12 with Code enforcement 631-224-5460 & zoning They are required to maintain property in accordance with local regulations. So far I have not seen any improvements on the part of the owners but that does not surprise me since they use an attorney who recently was censured and punished by the bar assn. Slick bunch ...just a word of warning....keep up the pressure on the Atlantic situation.....the area will be a nightmare if their plan gets approved. Talk about traffic & conjestion....just wait..trust me
pampatriot January 07, 2013 at 02:43 PM
RSjets 12:28 pm on Saturday, January 5, 2013 West Islip has really hit rock bottom. It's bad enough they hire a principle who turned my daughter's school into his personal brothel. She had a slumber party over break and I… How come the above post was deleted from the comments section?


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