Aerial Beach Search Reveals No More Bodies

Smaller police force continues efforts along Ocean Parkway, which is open to traffic in both directions.

Nassau County Police this morning conducted an aerial search of the TOBAY and Jones Beach area along Ocean Parkway but have not resumed the full-force effort that included 150 officers on Monday.

"We did a search earlier for suspicious or unusual sightings with negative results," a Nassau police spokesperson told Patch this morning.

According to Nassau County Police, officers from Suffolk and New York State troopers are on the search site today. Both lanes of Ocean Parkway between Nassau and Suffolk are open for travel.

During Monday's search, two more sets of bodies were located about one mile east of the Jones Beach water tower.

Both sets, which police believe are human remains, are undergoing forensic testing with the Nassau County medical examiner’s office. No confirmation has been issued on the remains as of this morning.

The latest discovery brings the current tally of remains found along the parkway to 10. Police beileve the deaths are the work of a serial killer

In mid January Suffolk Police identified the first four bodies found near Gilgo Beach this past December. The four young white women worked as Craigslist escorts and had been missing for various time periods. One had disappeared in 2007, and the most recent had been reported missing in September, 2010.

The second four sets found in Suffolk, discovered in the past two weeks, are still undergoing forensic testing and no identifications have been made.

“Forensics analysis is ongoing at this time and at the appropriate time, after the medical reports or an identification is made, the police will make further information available,” Suffolk Police Commissioner Richard Dormer told Patch regarding the media reports.

Suffolk police say there are no suspects or persons of interest. The bodies search effort, which began on December 11, 2010, as part of the missing persons case of 24-year-old Shannan Gilbert, who was last seen in Oak Beach on May 1, 2010, has been ongoing in the past four months.

“The canine units have been revisiting the scene continuously since December,” stated a Suffolk police spokesperson.

Suffolk police declined comment in regard to media reports that police do have a suspect or person of interest, and that the person likely has a law enforcement background. They will also not confirm that the first four sets of bodies were found wrapped in burlap bags, as claimed in published media reports.

“We never said that,” noted the spokesperson.

Lynne Wilson April 12, 2011 at 09:38 PM
Around 6:45 PM, I was compelled to drive half the length of the parkway on April 3rd and intuited 3 more bodies would be found east of the Nassau Suffolk divide on Monday, April 4th. I couldn't drive toward Jones Beach because it was almost night fall and I did not have regular glasses - only dark prescription sunglasses. As I turned at the u-turn near W. Gilgo, my intuition said there were 4 bodies in Nassau Co. I also intuited an anchor being used to weigh down a body in the water. I get very emotional when these premonitions come to me. When I can eliminate the "Why & When" and concentrate on the "How & Where" this clairsentient energy becomes available, and at times I have to unlock this ability to see what is there, but I have to also be able to stand what I see, as it can be horrifying. I have to speak the truth in a clear voice, not one that is deluded with what others are saying. I spent 2 nights on my boat last summer and I had terrible visions and insights into a sense of foreboding and murder, yet I did not feel threatened, but I did sleep out on my cockpit with one eye open. I was at Hemlock Cove on the second night, and near Cedar Marina on the first night. The sense of desolation and eeriness overwhelmed me and I do not frighten easily. I will not be doing an overnight docking in the bay near the barrier beach by myself, again.


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