Arrest Report: Cruelty to Animals, Drunk Driving

A look at recent arrests in our area over the past two weeks.

Credit: Scott Moore.
Credit: Scott Moore.
The following information was supplied by the Suffolk County Police Department. A criminal charge is only an accusation, and does not indicate convictions.

  • Michael Crowley from Babylon Village was arrested in Babylon Village for Driving While Intoxicated - First Offense on December 17.
  • James Engrassia from North Babylon was arrested in Babylon Village for Operating a Motor Vehicle with a BAC .08 of 1% on December 22.
  • Michael Papini from Babylon Village was arrested in Babylon Village for Aggravated Cruelty to Animals on December 27.
Al Coholic January 02, 2014 at 11:32 AM
Dear Mr. Moore: I think it is highly irresponsible at best and libelous at worst for you to characterize any arrest for an unproven allegation of driving while intoxicated as "drunk driving". I can't see what practical purpose doing so serves.  It only serves to greatly embarrass a person who may be guilty of no crime, especially in a case where it has not been established that there was any BAC, much less one that is illegal under the Vehicle and Traffic Law. There are innumerable causes that might lead to a suspicion of DWI by a police offer and may lead to an arrest.  Many of these charges are ultimately dismissed or result in a violation that falls far short of the initial charge once all the facts surrounding the incident are brought to light.  To characterize them all as "drunk driving" is irresponsibly and unnecessarily presumptuous; it presupposes that a crime has, in fact, been committed, and rules out any other cause for such an arrest. I suggest you take the foregoing into account when drafting your headlines relating to arrests.  Your disclaimer that "a criminal accusation is only a charge . . ." does little to offset the damage that your headline already may have done. I would remind you that libel is an offense that could result in litigation and the award of economic damages for which you may be liable.  I advise you to guide your future actions accordingly.


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