Babylon Firefighters Join Brush Fire Effort

A local crew volunteered at the Manorville/Ridge brush fire yesterday; chief says more volunteers are on hand if needed.

Babylon Fire Department joined in the massive volunteer effort to combat a massive wildfire in Ridge and Manorville yesterday.

The large brush fire that started on the grounds of Brookhaven National Laboratory and spread to 500 acres at its peak brought volunteer firefighters from all over Suffolk County. The effort to contain the blaze was a major mobilization, with 109 fire departments sending help and a state of emergency declared for Suffolk County.

The Babylon fire house was no exception: yesterday a crew of seven firefighters and an assistant fire chief went out on a truck yesterday afternoon and returned at 10 p.m. last night.

Chief Anthony Cardali said, "We were lucky, no one was injured. We were involved in helping deal with two houses that were burning. The Town of Babylon is still actively involved and we have volunteers standing by today in case they need us."

The wildfire, fueled by Monday's high winds, has been reported as under control as of 11 a.m. today by fire officials. Water drops are scheduled for this morning as well.


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