Monthly Crime Report: Arrests Down Throughout Precinct

Residential burglaries pop up in Babylon, Deer Park and West Babylon during September.

The latest crime report for the month of September showed a drop in arrests throughout the First Precinct, which covers the Town of Babylon and is the largest in Suffolk County. Precinct leaders released this information during a Monthly Community Meeting held on October 4th.

September, usually a hot month for arrests with school starting back up, saw 582 arrests in the First Precinct, down 15.9% since August, which saw 692 arrests throughout the month.

On the whole, September saw a decline in most areas in stolen cars, robberies and burglaries. Lindenhurst and North Lindenhurst, which had seen a combined 13 residential and commercial burglaries last month saw only 5 combined.

Other areas, however, did not fare so well. Residential burglaries continued throughout West Babylon, which saw an increase to 11 in September from 6 the month before. Deer Park also jumped from 5 burglaries in August to 10 in September. Babylon Village, the only village that saw almost no reported crimes the month before, had 4 residential burglaries during September.

The First Precinct also reported 8 shootings throughout the Precinct in September, 4 of which were in West Babylon in an area near Centerwood Street and 1 was fatal. Police said they are investigating the shootings in West Babylon, noting at least three were most likely connected to gang activity in the area.

Officers saw a small increase in motor vehicles accidents with 515 with 3 fatalities in September, although 80 injuries associated was a small decrease. 57 people were reported for leaving the scene of an accident. Only 28 people were arrested for Driving While Intoxicated, down 24% since last month.

Drug charges also fell a bit during September to 76 arrests for use of a controlled substance, while marijuana arrests climbed at 79 arrests.

The next Community Meeting will take place on November 1st at 7 p.m. at the First Precinct.

During the hour-long presentation, police also offered up insight on specific criminal activity in the various communities:

Village Stolen Cars Robberies Res. Burglaries Com. Burglaries Babylon 0 0 4 0 Deer Park 2 0 10 2 Lindenhurst 3 2 2 2 North Babylon 0 1 4 0 North Lindenhurst 2 0 0 1 West Babylon 2 3 11 0


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