NYPD Cop's Family Shocked After Driver Found Not Guilty

The get-away driver in the death that left a West Babylon cop dead was acquitted.

The man accused of driving the get-away car the night of NYPD Officer Peter Figoski's fatal shooting was found not guilty by a jury on charges of burglary and murder.

Michael Velez, 22, of Ozone Park, was found not guilty by the Brooklyn jury of five women and seven men, according to Newsday. He told the court he was just giving a ride to his friend and never know the others were going to rob a drug dealer.

He had remained at his car during the robbery and eventual shooting of Officer Figoski, a West Babylon native and father of four.

Both families of both men, Velez and Figoski, broke down in tears following the reading of the verdict. The Figoski family left afterwards without comment to the press.

"This jury didn't show an ounce of the courage that Peter Figoski did... This verdict says that they're willing to have a killer live next door to them," Patrolmen's Benevolent Association president Patrick Lynch said. "This cop killer will now walk out these doors. He'll walk out these doors to commit crimes again."

NYPD Police Commissioner Ray Kelly release a statement bashing the jury for its decision.

"When juries fail to comprehend the monstrous scale of a police officer's murder, they fail society itself... It's shameful that the family of Peter Figoski must be crushed again by another incomprehensible verdict," he said.

Larry Dallas February 15, 2013 at 10:47 PM
I'm not surprised. The jury was probably carefully chosen and each probably all had their run-ins with the law. Doesn't pay to be a hero in society today.


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