DA: Driver in Fatal Crash Had BAC Four Times Legal Limit

Suffolk County DA reports Michael Grasing had a blood-alcohol content level of .30 the night he hit Brittney Walsh's car.

Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota said Wednesday that Michael Grasing had a blood-alcohol content level of .30 and was driving at speeds between 85 and 100 miles per hour Brittney Walsh's car, killing her.

Grasing, of Babylon, was observed "aggressively" leaving the West Babylon Wendy's on Montauk Highway on Sunday night at a high rate of speed heading westbound, according to Spota.

"He was swerving from lane to lane in the westbound lanes of Montauk Highway," said Spota. "He then blew through two red lights - one at Delaware Avenue and one at Wellwood Avenue."

Spota said Grasing, 31, then mounted the sidewalk at some point afterwards before going back on the road and driving in and out of the eastbound and westbound lanes.

Spota estimated Grasing's erratic driving lasted between four to five miles.

Spota also estimated from eyewitness accounts that Grasing was driving between 85 to 100 miles per hour.

At approximately 13th Street and Montauk Highway, Grasing's vehicle hit Walsh's vehicle in the rear at an unknown rate of speed, sending her car into the eastbound lanes, jumping the curb and beginning a roll before stopping outside of .

Grasing, according to Spota's report, didn't apply the brakes and continued down the highway, colliding with several traffic signs before slamming into a traffic pole at 16th Street.

Grasing is expected to be arraigned today following his release from Good Samaritan Hospital. .

Spota, with Suffolk County Police Commissioner Edward Webber at his side, said police were still looking for more eyewitnesses to Grasing's erratic driving and where he'd been before being spotted minutes preceding the crash.

It's unknown whether or not Grasing had been drinking at a bar or elsewhere.

Spota noted Grasing did stop at a few traffic lights along his travels, prompting some eyewitnesses and drivers to tell him to pull over. Spota asked those people to come forward for help in the case.

If you have any information concerning the crash or Grasing's whereabouts before the accident, then police ask that you call the First Precinct at 631-854-8152.

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Migdalia M Torres June 28, 2012 at 05:08 PM
Yes they are! I have been on many roads in Lindenhurst and people are driving like mad men and there are no cops around to monitor this..so where are they? Put the cops out in the streets to patrol and report.
Lindy3 June 28, 2012 at 07:05 PM
To date he has only been charged with DWI. His bail was set at 100k & his lawyer is disputing that amount because he was only charged with DWI. (REALLY) Additional charges will be coming & while I know the legal charge will probably be vehicular manslaughter, it should be murder.
Gary Weiner June 28, 2012 at 07:14 PM
I expect that Spota is considering a Second Degree Murder charge instead of Manslaugter and is gathering all the available evidence before proceeding.
Lauren June 30, 2012 at 07:43 PM
The only reason he is saying not guilty is because they need to prove there case .... I was there the night of the accident ... And I would have known I would have prob killed him my self .... Once they prove this case with all proof he will be charged correctly .... Just asking everyone stick together this family (Walsh) needs all of our live and support !
Ed Lindsey July 08, 2012 at 03:09 PM
Another story of our broken justice system. If people kill an animal they get 25 to 35 years in jail. But if they tear apart a family they get off free. I 'am a grand-father to out one & only grand-daughter Megan Madeline Thomas.She just turned 5 years of age when she was murdered. Julianne Evans wrote about Megan Madeline Thomas on her website. Only you can stop the drunk driver and it wil tell you how. Do not be willing to hear you family or friends final words to you as Megan gave her final words to my wife sitting on a bank at night waiting for help to arrive. Those words are "Grammy I Can Not Breathe!" Go to Julianne Evans web site and read the letter and watch the videos and make a comment on the web site. Julianne will respond to you. Here is her site. http://aevans.hubpages.com/hub/Megan-Madeline-Thomas-Murdered-By-Jacob-J-Herbert-of-Susquehanna-Pennsylvania-Being-Paroled


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