Argyle Waterfalls Get a Needed Facelift

Village workers repaired the second waterfall section as well as retaining wall.

The waterfalls at Argyle Park got a facelift of sorts earlier this month as village workers repaired the second cement hold of the waterfalls and fixed a crumbling eastside rock section. The work took about four days.

The repair work cost about $20,000 and was done by village maintenance staff. Workers replaced plywood forms with metal forms, re-laid concrete and leveled the landscape area on the east side of the waterfalls.

The village plans to do repair work on the third waterfall section later this year.

Here are photos of the work in progress and the falls after the repair work.

Gary Weiner January 17, 2012 at 03:48 PM
Yes, but what did they do with all the pennies?


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