Judge: Nat'l Security Concerns in Court Docs for Al-Qeada Teen Case

The court case on the homegrown terrorist Justine Kaliebe continued on Tuesday.

A drawing of the teenage jihadist Justin Kaliebe, an 18 year old from Babylon. Credit: Screenshot.
A drawing of the teenage jihadist Justin Kaliebe, an 18 year old from Babylon. Credit: Screenshot.
The judge overseeing the case of a Babylon Village teenager that attempted to join the terrorist group Al-Qeada said releasing the full court documents could have serious national security problems for the United States.

According to NBC-4 New York, United States District Judge Arthur Spatt said he would likely keep some of the documents in the case secret due to the nature of the case, but would look into releasing more information from the hearings.

Spatt said the materials related in the case, including how the teen, 18 year old Justin Kaliebe, actually attempted to join the jihadist terrorism organization, could threaten the security of the United States.

NBC-4 New York said they, along with other news organizations, requested for more information from the court case to be released last month on June 26 when the details were first released to the public.

Spatt was also reportedly worried about the teenager's safety, even while he remains behind bars while awaiting his sentencing.

Kaliebe reportedly told authorities he wanted to fly to Yemen to join up with the Al-Qeada organization so he could kill Americans. He was caught by the NYPD and FBI at JFK Airport trying to board a plane to the Middle East.

Kaliebe pleaded guilty to his charges in the hearing that ended on March 26.


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