Mosquito Spraying Set for Oak Beach Thursday Night

Suffolk County has scheduled a pesticide application for the Town of Babylon's Oak Beach on August 23.

Suffolk County will be spraying for mosquitoes at Town's Oak Beach on Thursday night.

The application of the pesticide - an ultra-low volume aerosol called resmethrin (scourge), according to the Suffolk County Department of Health Services - will be applied via ground spraying using an ultra-low volume aerosol method on Thursday starting at 7:30 p.m.

It's expected to last until 11:30 p.m.

The spraying will happen on all streets in Oak Beach except buffer areas adjacent to wetlands, officials noted.

Uptick in West Nile
So far this year 175 mosquito samples and 21 birds have tested positive for the virus, in addition to and another one being investigated as probable for the virus (no equine cases have been reported so far), Suffolk health officials said.

Of those 175 samples that span the County,  has six  to date, and nearby   now has . There were also two additional WNV-positive samples found in Copiague and in Bay Shore to date.

This marks a  in the amount of mosquito samples testing positive this year for West Nile, officials said.

In response the County has been steadily spraying at Fire Island, as well as begun spraying all around the County, including in , West Babylon, Amityville and Copiague area on and in an area stretching from West Babylon and to West Bay Shore on .

The County has also treated Oak Beach on  and Cedar Beach on , as well as salt marshes at the beaches all around Suffolk, including those at the  Town beaches on ,  and .

Spraying Precautions
The SCDHS said the chances of experiencing health effects from are low, but advised residents to take precautions and extra steps to avoid exposure before, during or after the aerial spraying.

The SCDHS recommended residents do the following:

  • Children and pregnant women should avoid any exposure.
  • All people should remain indoors until 30 minutes after spraying has finished.
  • Close windows and air vents to your home to avoid pesticides from being sucked indoors.
  • Pick any homegrown fruits or vegetables before spraying and rinse thoroughly.
  • Bring pet dishes such as bowls indoors during the spraying, and cover any fish ponds.
  • If you do come into contact with pesticide, then wash area thoroughly with water.
  • Wash clothes that come in direct contact with spray separately from other laundry.
  • Consult your health care provider if you think you're experiencing health effects from spraying.
  • Pick homegrown fruits and vegetables you expect to eat soon before spraying takes place, and rinse homegrown fruits and vegetables thoroughly with water before cooking or eating.
  • Bring laundry and small toys inside before spraying begins, and wash with detergent and water if exposed to pesticides during spraying.

Further questions could be directed to the Suffolk County Division of Vector Control at 631-852-4270 or the Spraying Information Hotline at 631-852-4939.


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