Reader Feedback: Geese in Parks and Businesses Wanted

This week Patch asked readers what they thought about the proliferation of Canada Geese in village parks and their best idea for a vacant storefront. See what your neighbors had to say.

Geese Glut

On we wanted to know what you thought about the issue of the Canada geese population. Argyle Park is one of many grassy areas the geese have made a permanent home in over the years. Many municipalities have initiatives to control the population, and Patch asked readers if we need similar measures here in Babylon Village.

The majority of respondents to our poll wanted to see aggressive measures taken, wth 59% of poll takers voting in favor of culling populations or managing eggs. 29% of readers advocated using dogs to control the geese, or fining people who feed the geese. 10% thought the geese were not a problem.

Marge commented that on the role humans have played in creating the problem:

"If man didn't interfere with our wildlife the way it has for so many years, we wouldn't have a problem to begin with. People really need to stop interfering with our wildlife and stop saying the only way to solve a problem is by destroying all the animals.

People insist on feeding the geese bread, even though there are signs in Argyle Park. It will take many years for the geese to realize that man won't feed them in order for them to start migrating the way they are suppose to."

Chris Hunter wondered if synthetic turf would help: "Perhaps it's time to reinvestigate a synthetic turf surface for the adjoining high school fields. The health and safety of the community and its children should be considered, and not merely the aestheics of droppings."


Empty Talbots

A prime main street retail space, the empty Talbots clothing store on East Montauk Highway, has been vacant for almost a year. Patch asked residents what they'd most like to see occupy the storefront.

Residents hoping for Whole Foods couldn't help but suggest the natural foods market, even while acknowledging the space would be too small.

Other readers wanted to see a fresh maqrket, a general store, or another clothing retailer.

Tom Gillen had a novel idea: "How about an art gallery? They have one in Huntington on main street. It's more or less member-owned whereby artists buy memberships, and their works are displayed in the gallery to the public for a certain period of time. All art forms, painters, photographers, sculpters, etc. participate. Naturally the works are for sale. They host kick-off parties when a new artist's work is being displayed. I think main street in Babylon would be well served to do something with the art community."

Laura Christa echoed several other commenters on Facebook who wanted to see another clothing shop. "Ann Taylor Loft! Need some apparel in the village."

What do you think? Did anyone miss a great idea? Comment below and take our poll on the Talbots space.

Patch wanted to know if Whole Foods had any plans for our area. Check back Monday to find out what a rep from the chain had to say.

Kristen April 28, 2012 at 11:43 AM
Very interested to here what Whole foods had to say!
Kristen April 28, 2012 at 11:44 AM
Hear I mean* :)


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