Reader Feedback: Verizon FiOS and Park Upgrades

This week we asked readers to weigh in on cable TV options, and village parks.

No FiOS in the Future

On Monday we wanted to know: are you still hoping Verizon will decide to provide FiOS cable service to Babylon Village residents?

Jessica Simone is one resident who wants the fiber-optic option: "More than anything! I even sent a letter directly to Verizon corporate headquarters a few weeks ago!"

Nine other commenters agreed they'd like to have the option to switch, even if some were happy with their current Cablevision service.

Elaine posted, "I've been waiting for four years for this opportunity - Cablevision has no reason to be a decent provider right now - they have a monopoly!"


Park Upgrade Poll

On Wednesday the hot topic was parks: we asked readers to decide which of Babylon Village's many outdoor public spaces most needs a makeover.

Many readers noted that the playground at Argyle Lake lacks a public restroom, and some residents wanted to see other improvements at the popular family spot.

Brandy Smith Seyfried wrote on Facebook: "Fence in Argyle playground, put down something other than sand, and add more swings."

Dale Cautheri "would love to see the village convert the "cat-box" style parks at Argyle park into more modern recycled rubber surfaces."

Gary Weiner would like to see a fence around the playground, due to the proximity to the duck pond. Jeannette R. agreed, but also brought up another park that she thinks needs a total upgrade.

"The park on Trolley Line Rd. and Stowe Ave. is in serious need of an upgrade. The entire thing is made of splintering wood. It is really not safe for smaller children. It also gets carpenter bee nests every summer so it becomes unusable once they appear. It's really a shame that something can't be done to upgrade this parks condition."

Carol Kosch said, "I would like to see the Babylon pool parking lot repaved."

Finally, Sarah Gillen put in a vote for improvements at the Park Avenue playground.

What do you think? Do you agree with your neighbors?


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