Study Aims to Bring New Sewers to North Babylon, Deer Park

Aging sewer system and old cesspools have local lawmakers concerned with environmental impacts.

A study that began in 2009 continues to work out results as the plan to bring a new sewer system to Deer Park, North Babylon and West Babylon will begin to move into the next phases in coming months. The study aims to eventually bring a new sewage system to the local area that helps reduce harm being done to the environment from septic tanks and cesspools.

A group of legislators, which included local representatives Lou D’Amaro (D–North Babylon, Deer Park), Wayne Horsley (D-Babylon) and Thomas Barraga (R-West Islip), announced the approval of a feasibility study in December 2009 to explore the costs and effectiveness a new system would have on the hamlets. Since the announcement, a trio of companies – Tri-Venture of Dvirka & Bartilucci, Gannett Fleming and LiRo – have continued to study the area, compiling data on septic pool and cesspool failures, as well as mapping preliminary layouts of typical sewer sheds in priority areas, made cost estimate templates for sewer size, depth, dewatering, pumping stations, connections and restoration costs.

“When the Southwest Sewer District was constructed back in the 1970’s, most of these communities, particularly those located north of the Southern State Parkway, were not included,” said Legislator D’Amaro in a 2009 release. He noted in a recent interview with Patch that the sewer system in those areas were long overdue for repairs and replacement.

The most recent update for residents of these areas came in a public meeting this past February. The meetings allowed residents to voice their questions and concerns to the legislators and project managers, including detailed information on how sewer installation would affect downtown revitalization, housing and economic development as well as ground and surface water.

The study area is comprised of nearly 15 square miles and contains a population of approximately 100,000.  Should the project ultimately move forward, the Bergen Point  wastewater facility will have to process an additional 12 to 15 million gallons of wastewater flow per day, according to study experts. The Suffolk County Department of Public Works officials noted that Bergen Point is presently being expanded to a capacity of 40 million gallons so it will be able to accommodate the added wastewater flow associated with this project.

Boris Rukovets, P.E., the Suffolk County Department of Public Works Special Project Supervisor, said he thinks the project would be a win-win for both the County and local residents.

“The expansion of the sanitary sewer infrastructure could help current property owners with chronic on-site system problems resulting in frequent pump outs,” he said. “The sewer district expansion will  improve area groundwater and surface water quality, and support economic development and revitalization of the area.”

“Damage being done to the environment there is severe,” D’Amaro said, noting the high costs of replacing home sewage systems. “We needed to study if it was economic feasible for us to move forward.”

The group is expected to present new findings in a public meeting this July and Leg. D’Amato said the lawmakers would not move forward on any plan until public hearings are held.

Chris June 01, 2012 at 12:55 AM
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Ranger Sewer June 01, 2012 at 12:18 PM
Funny how the Suffolk County DOH Sanitary Codes are so far behind the times that it makes Long Island have Environmental Problems. Just look at PA's Sanitary Codes or even Upstate NY's Sanitary Codes and guess what you see? UPDATES Septic Codes that ENFORCE THE EPA'S Clean Water Act. IF Sewers are Installed, Will the homeowner be FORCED to hook up if they choose to have and keep up with a up to date code plus system? How about the land grab and YOUR loss of RIGHTS to that area on your property where your Sewer line is? Howcome only a FEW who CHOOSE TO HAVE SEPTIC PROBLEMS are not worked with? Howcome we can and do install Environmentally Friendly Septic Systems that clean up the wastewater to the point the Sanitary System has no problems? Howcome Septic Tank Filters are not Code? How about Septic Tanks? Howcome they are NOT CODE but a system that just DUMPS untrested waste into the soil is fine? Howcome Many Many people in Goverment , News and "Eco Groups" ENDORSE ILLEGAL DUMPING OF HAZ MAT WASTE ? Illegal Dumping of Haz Mat Waste has become BIG BUSINESS on Long Island. Stop the Illegal Dumping and you will clean up the Environment. Raising TAXES will not clean up the Environment. Again,why should the people who choose to take care of their Sanitary System be FORCED to pay HIGHER TAXES because of a SELECT FEW who chose to NOT TAKE CARE OF THEIR Cesspools?
Jerry King June 01, 2012 at 07:49 PM
This boondoggle is a WIN-WIN scenario only for politicians, contractors and, of course, those doing the “feasibility” studies. . You will HAVE NO CHOICE – You will be required to hook up to the sewer which is a major expense of about $6,000 to 12,000 together with monthly sewer fees. It took over 30 years for the citizens of Suffolk County to forget the county’s last scandal enough for the politicians to try their hand at it again. Just in case your memory is not fresh, the scandal included bribery, rampant corruption, horrendous cost overruns and at least one murder. Get ready for a long series of mismanagement, cost overruns and higher taxes.


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