Suffolk Notebook: Website Publishing Crack House Locations May Be on Horizon

In other news: Gilgo Beach search spreads to Nassau; high-end art thief busted; new East End VA clinic to open soon.

At the county government level, Suffolk County legislators met in several committees this past week. The next general meeting of the Suffolk Legislature is scheduled for Tuesday, April 26. 

Crack Houses May Get Cyber-Scarlet Letters

On Friday, the Budget and Finance/Information Technology Committee moved a bill which would publish the locations of crack houses throughout the county, along with the names and addresses of the property owners. The "public nuisance website," would be developed to "increase community awareness and protect residents" according to the text of the bill, which was sponsored by Legislator Kate Browning, WF-Shirley.

The committee discharged the bill without recommendation, which means that a "little flag" was placed on the bill citing certain issues which should be fixed before a full legislature vote, according to the committee's vice chair, Legislator Jay Schneiderman, I-Montauk. Schneiderman said issues brought up regarding the text of the bill included removing properties from the website once they are fixed up, and legal language concerning property owners' due process. 

Related to her effort to crack down on crack houses, Browning has also sponsored an amendment to "strengthen the county's crack house law." The resolution was on Friday's agenda for the Public Safety Committee meeting, though minutes were unavailable as of Saturday morning. 

Gilgo Beach Search Spreads into Nassau

After an investigation to find a serial killer hit the four-month mark and more remains were found last week, authorities found two more sets of bones on Monday and expanded their search into Nassau County. 

Babylon Village Patch editor Judy Mottl recapping coverage of the grisly investigation.

High End Art Thief Held on $500k Bail

Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota announced on Friday that a more than $550,000 in high-end art and collectibles from six East End homes. He was held on $500,000 cash bail.

In January and February, Angel Giovanni Palencia, 24, reportedly burglarized homes in East Hampton, Southampton, Shelter Island and Southold for works valued at up to $140,000 and was caught trying to sell the pieces to a Southold art dealer.

Spota said that the defendant admitted to doing previous work at some of the homes, including carpentry and painting.

According to authorities, Palencia, a native of Guatemala who had a prior conviction of driving while ability impaired, is in the country illegally and has an Immigrations and Customs Enforcement hold on him.

Veterans and Seniors Committee Walks Through New East End VA Clinic

On Thursday, legislators took a  at the County Center in Riverside that will open on May 2. The new clinic was described as "100 percent better than the old one" by a local VFW Commander.

The new 4,300-square-foot facility will host three consulting rooms, five exam rooms, and a group therapy room that will offer video conferencing capabilities on a 52-inch flat-screen television.

Currently, East End vets attend a facility at Gabreski Airport for primary care facilities and receive mental health services at a once-a-week session at Riverhead's American Legion hall. Both facilities will close with the opening of the new clinic.

Voice April 17, 2011 at 03:31 PM
@Donna I agree.Landllords SHOULD BE RESPONSIBLE and ACCOUNTALBE for whom they rent to. BUT most of us KNOW that it's all about the MIGHTY $$$$. Not only "illegal" drug dealers but people from "other places" that are in many of the overcrowded houses. WHO are they? What criminal background do they have? Are are communities SAFE? LANDLORDS (ESPECIALLY OUT OF TOWN LANDLORDS) SHOULD HAVE A OBILIGATION TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD. Do you really care? Local government should legislate this.
Pete Driscoll April 17, 2011 at 04:42 PM
If we want to reverse the deterioration of Hampton Bays, we need to form a cell group and advertise the meeting in advance. The starting place would be right here with the patch. The local library or one of the schools we are overtaxed for could serve as a meeting place. There should be opening agenda formulated by a founding commitee of caring citizens. We need to bring in all the authorities, state and local, to ascertain what we can do and why they have failed us so miserabley on so many counts. Maybe we should form a new local government and enact and enforge regulations whihc will protect us against further deterioration. Anybody care. Suggestions?
Kay April 17, 2011 at 06:06 PM
I have been coming out to Hampton Bays for many years and have seen it go down hill. It seems that this is the dumping ground. Yesterday we had the police in the area going yard to yard looking for someone who came down from Sunrise Highway. Its time to lock our doors. We donot need affordable housing here, we have enough of it. The town looks like a dumping spot. Its time for a refresh. Get rid of the Canoe Place Inn and the dumps in the area and put up con-dos there. Keep Tiderunners. Its the only place you get to see nice people these days.
Susan Fasciano April 18, 2011 at 12:41 AM
A few years ago the Town of Huntington was going after the slumlords who rented their properties to many illegal tenants (I mean illegal on many fronts from amount in the dwelling to status) and what they found where many affluent individuals where the owners. One in particular whose name escapes me lives in Poqoutt a very small affluent community between Stony Brook and Port Jefferson. He resides on the Town Board there and would not comment on his properties in Huntington Station. Publishing the address of the house should be made available just like that of registered sex offenders. It is unfortunate for property values but I'm concerned about the proximity to my children. Property values can change overtime but we as families get only one chance of raising healthy responsible children since they grow so fast. I think publishing the name of these landlords will certainly draw the right attention to the situation and hopefully rid us of them and the drug addicted patrons who reside or frequent these homes.
donna April 20, 2011 at 06:02 PM
Con-dos has nothing to do with this article...let's keep to the topic.


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