Town Unveils New Veterans Exhibit at Museum

Artifacts from residents' tours of service from the 1800s to present-day on display for all to see.

The Town of Babylon has opened a new exhibit at the Old Town Hall Museum in Babylon Village displaying artifacts from residents, past and present, that served the country in the United States Armed Forces.

"As we always say here in the Town of Babylon, veterans are our greatest resource," said Town Supervisor Rich Schaffer, who was on hand to help open the new area Wednesday afternoon. "Here we get to celebrate their accomplishments and what they've done for our freedoms."

The large exhibit takes up an entire room of the old town headquarters, displaying uniforms, letters, medals of honor and other various items.

Each area is designated for specific periods of time and various conflicts our nation has taken part in. Some of the oldest pieces date back to the 1800s during the Mexican-American War, a pre-Civil War conflict that lasted from 1846 to 1848. 

Many of the items stored and displayed were from the World War II era, including full uniforms, Purple Hearts, radio equipment and even a fully stocked "foot locker," containing personal health care items, clothing and effects.

"The attendance here is overwhelming," said Lieutenant Colonel Town Councilwoman Jacqueline Gordon, whose own personal effects were on display from her four recent tours of duty for the United States. "I want to thank you all for finding the time to come here today... this museum here is a treasure. An absolute treasure."

The new exhibit also contains an interactive touchscreen tabletop display where historical photos from around the town have been plugged into an interactive map of the present-day area. Many residents laughed and smiled, recalling old businesses, open parks and memories of Babylon's past.

"There are so many wonderful things that go on here [at the museum]," said Schaffer. "This building was always an interest to us... it has become a focal point for our community."


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