Village Gets Ready For Irene's Visit

Police, highway department and village leaders prep emergency response plan.

Babylon Village officials are gearing up for Hurricane Irene, holding the first emergency response meeting today with village highway department staff, code enforcement officers, and Suffolk Police.

“We are setting up a preliminary situation plan for the storm,” Mayor Ralph Scordino told Patch. Village officials will keep tracking the storm’s movement through the next two days to determine further emergency response.

“We’re making sure our highway department will keep a close eye on roadways and removal of debris if and when the storm hits,” said Scordino, noting that there is no evacuation plan as yet. The village is awaiting information from county and town officials on where evacuation locations will be set up, he added.

“Right now we’re coordinating and setting up communications,” said the mayor, adding the village is posting advice and emergency planning tips on its website. Patch is providing that information at the end of this article.

Babylon Village has never had to evacuate due to a storm, at least in Scordino’s lifetime, and the worst scenarios have been flooding issues in some areas of the village, he said.

“That was back when Hurricane Gloria hit,” he recalled. Irene may very well be as powerful as that 1985 hurricane, with published reports stating it could impact more than 65 million people when it lands sometime late this weekend.

Village residents can call the mayor's office direct, at 669-1212, if they have any questions or issues before and during the storm event and the highway department will also be available at 669-4875.

Here are the tips village officials will be posting online today:

  • Have fashlights, battery operated radios and extra batteries on hand. Check batteries to make sure they are fresh.
  • If your residence is in a potential flood or storm surge zone, be prepared to evacuate when officials recommend it.
  • Arrange now for elderly and other with special needs, such as those who depend on electric life support devices. Alert LIPA customer service and sign up for LIPA’s Critical Care Program (1-800-490-0025)
  • Have material available to protect your doors and windows.  Boarding or shuttering windows is most effective. Taping will not protect against flying debris.
  • Put together a family hurricane evacuation kit that includes bottled water, bedding and clothing, including sleeping bags and pillows, and appropriate prescription medicines.
  • Ensure that enough non-perishable food and water supplies are on hand.  One gallon of water per person per day is recommended.
  • Clear loose and clogged rain gutters and downspouts.
  • Determine where to move a boat in an emergency, make sure boats are secured and checked during the storm.
  • Provide for pets.
  • Make sure all loose objects (patio furniture, garbage pails, etc.) are secured.
  • Automobiles can be moved to municipal lots or Railroad Station parking at Locust Avenue with notification on dashboards.
  • Stay away from downed power lines. Should you notice a downed line or experience a service interruption call 1-800-490-0075.
  • If you have any questions or concerns please call the Mayor’s office at 631-669-1212.


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