Village Update: Electrical Inspections Begin Wed. South of Montauk

No-cost, mandatory electrical inspections have begun South of Montauk Highway on Seventh, Eighth and Ninth Streets, the Village says.

The Village of Lindenhurst has once again posted some key utility updates for residents and Hurricane Sandy victims living South of Montauk Highway on its website.

The information - which was posted Wednesday, November 7, and shared with Lindenhurst Patch by the Village - related to the mandatory electrical inspections announced on the previous day by the Village, and by the Town of Babylon, along with other crucial Town updates.

(Other Babylon Town post-Sandy updates could be found on the Town's website here.)

The information provided by the Village also included details about the text messaging update service the Village began this week to keep residents updated in the aftermath of Sandy.

The information read on the website here as follows:

"Electrical inspectors have begun doing electrical inspections in areas South of Montauk Highway. The inspections are at no cost to residents. 
"The inspectors are coming into homes to assess the circuit panel to determine if it's safe for LIPA to turn the power back on.

"LIPA will begin to attempt to isolate those grids and turn power back in those areas after inspections are completed.

"To be prepared for the inspector please turns off the main breaker and all the other breakers in the electrical panel.

"If you aren't home at the time of the inspection, then a card will be left for you to contact the inspectors to return to complete the inspection.

"Today, November 7, the inspectors are beginning the inspections on Ninth, Eighth and Seventh Streets, starting from Montauk Highway down to the Great South Bay.

"The Village is working closely with the inspectors and expect to be able to communicate the completed areas and those scheduled for completion the following day.

"This information is available on our website, www.villageoflindenhurst.com, and via our text message alert system by texting 'VOL' to 411247."


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