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Budget Passage Reflects Cooperative Effort

Dr. Ellen Best-Laimit says the budget passing reflects Babylon Village's strong community spirit and support for education.

This May 17 marked an important date for our school community. Although feeling beleaguered by an economy that struggles to rebound, unimagined fuel costs, pricey grocery bills, and the forecast of a slow recovery, the residents in the Babylon Village School District rallied in support of the community's children by voting in favor of the proposed school budget by nearly a two-to-one margin.

This year’s budget turnout was an impressive one for our community and I express my deepest appreciation to the community who participated at record levels at each of the budget meetings held this spring. 

Throughout this year’s budget process, we as a community worked together to create a financial plan that not only addressed the best interests of our young scholars, but was also mindful of the financial constraints of our community.

There were healthy discussions on cost-saving measures, student course selections, reductions in staffing that would least affect student programs, and sharing of general opinions.

I am happy that, with your support, our district’s approved budget will maintain all core academic programs, favorable class sizes, and nearly all arts and athletic programs. 

Without the hard work of the Board of Education and the care and concern of the community, this would not have been possible. Again, I thank you all for your contributions to this process!

I wish to also take this opportunity to extend my congratulations to Greg Antolini, Nick Montalto, Alena Berenblatt and incumbent Roger Katz on their successful bids for a position on the Board of Education.

The work of a board member is not easy but since it is all for the good of children, it is definitely satisfying. Best of luck to all of you!

My time in the Babylon School District has been a most rewarding one for me, both professionally and personally. As I approach my upcoming retirement, I look back proudly on the strides we have made and the continually supportive nature of our school community.

Best wishes for a safe and happy remainder of the school year.



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