W. Babylon Students Celebrate Peace

Peaceful themes discussed throughout the day on International Day of Peace.

The students and staff of the West Babylon Junior High School arrived to school donning white clothing and peace signs in a show of solidarity for the International Day of Peace, otherwise known as World Peace Day, on September 21st.

This day, first recognized in 1981, is one that celebrates peace, or more specifically, the absence of war. 

Morning announcements and discussions of peaceful themes were presented throughout the day. Many teachers took the opportunity to explore the history of the day with their classes and used creative writing assignments to reinforce the message of peace.

“The character education committee at the junior high school works hard to promote the social and emotional learning of our students,” said Assistant Principal Jennifer Carere. “[Principal Scott] Payne and I believe that social-emotional learning promotes students' academic success, health and well-being. In turn, it helps to ensure positive long- and short-term personal outcomes for students. The International Day of Peace is one of many celebrations that focus on the social-emotional well-being of our students.”


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