W. Babylon Supt: Junior High Student Brought Bullet to School

A bullet found in a stairway at West Babylon Junior High School on Tuesday caused a security scare with a Suffolk County police officer stationed at the school Thursday. 

Superintendent Anthony Cacciola said in a updated statement on the district's website Thursday that "a junior high school student had apparently taken the bullet from a relative's house, found it of interest and decided to show some friends at school and further indicated that he was unaware that he accidentally dropped it.
"This was an extremely poor decision on the student's behalf, but please be assured that there was never any intent for malice or harm," Cacciola said.  

The student has been suspended pending the outcome of a superintendent's hearing.  

"As a reminder to families with firearms and ammunition in the home, please take this opportunity to make sure that these items are kept secured and are continually checked and inventoried to help ensure that children cannot have access to them," Cacciola said. 

Police were notified immediately after the bullet was found during the school day on Tuesday. 

arleen farina January 23, 2014 at 04:59 PM
If this incident occurred at the JHS why is there a photo of the HS?
Ryan Bonner (Editor) January 23, 2014 at 09:02 PM
We changed the photo to the junior high after the story was published. Thanks for the heads up, Arleen.
john mastandrea January 25, 2014 at 11:38 AM
Tellme when will this district be investigated,audited. Security has been cut in all schools. Yet they gave part time bus drivers a 5 per week raise! take a drive to the high schoolafter 7 am see how many parents drive their children to school,nomatter what the weather is. Some of the buses are 1/2 full. seniors drive. Student enrollment is down . So why the need for all of these buses and their drivers!. Also a child in the highschool who has been expelled continues to threaten and try to enter the school on numerous occasion. Why not investigate all of this. They are cutting summer schoolout of the system, possibly pre K. Yet taxes continue to rise!! plus 3.8 from federal government as per State Senator B
john mastandrea January 25, 2014 at 11:54 AM
see all these proposed cuts, wasteful need for buses and drivers. Yet they get raises! Next security has been reduced. parking lots are a total traffic jam with idiot parents who drive rt to ft of school to drop children of even though sign states no cars when buses are in ft. They have no disreguard for rules signs children 's safety. Oh are you aware that a female highschoolteacher was struck by a parents car three weeks ago 1 oF COURSE NOT. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE BOARD/ SCHOOLTHAT IS DOOR DISCUSS BUT THE ENTIRE DISTRICT SHOULD BE INVESTIGATED BEFORE THIS SUPERENTENDANTS TERM IS OVER. Common sense, you are receiving more revenue, reducing programs and yet still no money! I AM NOT EVEN COUNTING THE REVENUE THEY RECEIVE FROM THE PAC.AND OUTSIDE FUNCTIONS. Why not petion for investigation and audit of the district and its members?. Same persons are elected and re elected on a rotating basis? . Remember where there are bullets there is a gun. So as always lets why for something serious to happen! A shooting ? injuries etc. Plus the security staff as it is called I do not think anyone is under 60.Including hall monitors. P,.s they are taxing legitimate home owners out of Babylon. Illegaal two three family houses renters,we have a population of over 250,000 persons elderly children and the legitimate tax payer. We need a resident tax. You live here you pay a tax. schooland or otherwise. I have no idea what our town supervisior and his possee do. The town is no fealthy a regular garbage dump. Take aride by allof the shopping ctrs regular dumps.Checkout the Stop and shopparking lot and the patch of woods adjacen to Montauk highway what doyou think? Who knows what is being dumped There. I have been living here 21 yrs now and it is become a total expensive mess tolive here. More renters legal and illegally (more of the later) and realtors should be taken to task. Doesn't the town have a staff of inspectors? It is so easy to check each home. Property shark program , tax assessment etc. and then a house inspection. Thank you John Mastandrea,


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