West Babylon Schools Completes District-Wide Renovations

District uses in-house workers to help keep costs down and bring changes to buildings across West Babylon.

The West Babylon School District’s maintenance and grounds crew has worked all summer long on several building renovation projects, including buildings such as West Babylon Senior High School and South Bay School.

The decision was made by district officials to complete these projects using the district’s own skilled workers as an additional cost-saving measure. Utilizing in-district workers yielded savings of approximately one-third of the cost per project.

Renovations at the West Babylon Senior High School included the completion of an access road linking the parking lot to a secure storage area and garage at the back of the school.

“Every time access was needed to the gated back area, trucks had to drive over the grass, causing damage to the grounds and creating issues with mud. This renovation will now preserve that stretch of property,” explained Plant Facilities Administrator Raymond Graziano in a statement.

Also completed at the high school was an ongoing six-year project to update the faculty rooms, which were originally designed and built in the 1950s. In one of the three rooms, modifications were made to include workstations and promote productivity.  

The final in-house project, completed at South Bay School, included the conversion of two small instructional rooms into one larger classroom, which will now accommodate 24 second-grade students. This renovation was fulfilled in order to meet the instructional needs of the district this year.


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